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Key Reasons People choose Custom Craft Carpentry, Inc. to build their Home

Commitment: We believe in doing a job the right way, and doing what you love. Every home we build is important and special from start to finish. Attention to detail and consistent ‘from the heart’ effort is what you will experience. 

Experience: We have been building with logs since 1985! We have built many full log homes from different log home supply companies and different styles. We have worked with rustic hand-crafted logs, precision cut logs, and Dovetail Beams, Full Log, and Half Log.

Reliable: We take pride in offering the best service before, during, and after your home is completed. We are well known for working with quality companies that are professional, and stand behind their work. We have an excellent financial record, and provide all lien waivers after each payment. 

Knowledge: Because we have built homes from different companies, we understand each company has unique features. It is important to invest some time learning key features about the log package such as: the species of log, where they are harvested, the milling process, if the logs are kiln or air dried, and most important the plan specifications.

Professional: We are well organized on the job site and in our office. Communication and effective follow through are critical to a smooth project. Keeping you informed and involved during the entire building process is our goal. You can rest easy knowing your home is in good hands

Tools and Equipment: From chisels to portable saw mill, we have the right tools for any job, including a custom made ‘log lifter’. Our ‘log lifter’ system allows us to lift and move the logs with a Lift-truck without marring the surface. Building a log home without the right tools would be like digging a hole with a spoon. You can do it but it takes a lot longer and the end result won’t be the best.