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We provide the attention to detail that most home owners want. We encourage active participation from each owner during the planning stage, and more importantly during the construction stage. If you feel changes need to be made during construction, we want to discuss it with you and make it happen. Our saying has always been “it is better to listen now and make a change if necessary, than hear the regret when the home is done.” 

Custom Craft Carpentry, Inc. provides professional general contracting services. We work hard to ensure consistent and clear communication between all sub contractors on the behalf of the owner. We make sure each sub contractor will provide professional and high quality service and materials. 

We enjoy new and challenging ideas and projects. We excel in finding a way to ‘get it done’ instead of listing the reasons why it ‘cannot be done’. Custom Craft Carpentry, Inc. will work hard to meet your needs and desires. 

Let us be your log home builder.

Log home builder - Waterford, WI