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Everything needs maintenance and repairs at some point. And homes, all types are no exception. Brick homes need tuck-pointing after time, and maintenance free vinyl siding fades and sometimes blows off in a storm. So don’t be discouraged if your log home needs some attention from time to time. You can depend on Custom Craft Carpentry, Inc. to give you an honest assessment of your home’s situation.

Leaks: If your home has a leak that you just cannot figure out, we can help with that problem.

Rotted Logs: If you noticed there are soft spots on the exterior logs, we have the tools and knowledge to remove the bad sections, and replace them with a new log. We strive to shape and blend the new log to match the surrounding logs for a seamless look.

Weather and insect problems by the windows: If you have a full log home, and have leaks or insects coming through the window openings, we have the solution.

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