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Do you own a home but would love a log home?

Do you have a little ‘get away’ cottage that would make a nice log home?

If so, Retrofitting your existing home or cottage might be the answer for you. With retrofitting, we start with an existing ‘non-log’ home and using half logs and other materials it becomes a log home. Almost any conventional home can be turned into a log home. Maybe you have dreamed of owning a log home on the lake, but the cost of just a lot is too much. You find a nice little house for sale on the lake that is affordable. We can turn that little place into a cozy log home! 

Talk about extreme makeover! These pictures say it all! The lake cottage went from a 900 sq. ft., one bedroom one bath weekend getaway, to a story and a half log home on the lake! We added a bedroom and bath and loft area to the second floor, and rearranged the main floor to be more open to the lake views, complete with a screen porch and upper balcony. 

This house was bought in foreclosure and really needed a lot of work. It is only about 780 sq. ft. and all the ceilings were different, part of the roof was flat, and the bathroom and kitchen needed lots of help. This home is under construction, but when it is done it will be Awesome!