About us

Custom Craft Carpentry, Inc. makes log home dreams come true – by listening carefully and steadfastly focusing on quality craftsmanship.

Owned and operated by Gary Tenfel and his wife Karen since 1985, Custom Craft Carpentry is special because it is committed to open, cooperative relationships with customers. At the same time, Custom Craft brings a wealth of experience across a wide range of log home work, whether your dream involves a new custom  log home, a log home addition, or a repair.

Our vision is to build beautiful log homes with – not for – our clients. This means we encourage your active participation throughout process.  After all, this is your dream. Your legacy. We want to get it right, not just in terms of move-in day appearance, but also in terms of quality craftsmanship that will come through for decades to come.

At Custom Craft Carpentry our mission is your dream. It’s that simple. We consistently strive to provide each homeowner with an enjoyable, worry-free experience throughout the process, from planning to finish.

Our customers consistently tell us move-in day truly is a dream come true, as it should be.

Our roots

Where did it all start? Many people have said Gary was born with a hammer in his hand. Often as a curious youngster, he spent time alongside his grandpa helping to pull nails from old boards. His grandpa remarked “someday you’re going to build things!” Eventually those old boards were used to build a garage, and Gary was right in the middle of all the work.

While most kids enjoyed their summer playing sports or swimming, he filled his days building tree forts in the woods. Some were really incredible tree houses; one was two stories and had a wood stove! As young as 16 years old Gary was building recreation rooms for family and friends. He earned a reputation for really good work, low prices, and creative ideas.

In 1985, Gary got the opportunity to build a conference center out of logs. It was during that project that Gary fell in love with working with logs, and decided to start a company building high quality custom log homes. He became acquainted with a representative of (then) Wilderness Log Homes who had a client in need of a contractor, and that was the birth of Custom Craft Carpentry during the spring of 1985.

Since then Gary and his wife Karen have continued to build Custom Craft Carpentry into what it is today – a solid company dedicated to uncompromising quality, with scores of satisfied customers living in their dream homes!

Today, Custom Craft Carpentry is an independent representative for Golden Eagle Log and Timber Homes, Inc. of Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin.

Contact us by phone any time at (262) 534-6280 to get started, schedule a meeting with us, or just chat about your dreams.

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